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We feel that we have been fortunate in our life to come in contact with Yogic science, and we also feel that we have been fortunate to share this with the people of Japan. The response has been very positive and because of this we have grown into a solid organisation which can share this knowledge to many and make their life a nicer experience. Unfortunatly many people don’t have the resource or the capacity to come to our class. With Zentra Kokoro Project we target those who were not capable to join and offer them the possibility to learn the science of yoga in a way they can afford.

Our first focus will be to bring yoga to elders in Yaizu and Shizuoka community. The Elders of Japan are the reason why this country has a strong society, they have given their soul the rebuilt this country after the war and very often they are left behind and are seen as weight from the yonger generations.

The idea is to bring confort to those left behind or those living alone, to give them an occasion to get together with others and with the help of the teacher giving them a reason to live by acknowledging their existence, giving them a few exercices to reduce their tension and reenergise their body and also to give them a moment to acknowledge their inner Self the Divine within their own body.

As a yoga teacher we know that the human body is not only a physical envelop but a multi dimentional expression of the Self and for this reason will acknowledge this during our practice with the elders.

  • Having a sequence of? asanas or exercises develop for their body,?
  • giving them a way to use their breath and help them to realise the prana in every living object (talking about food and importance of enjoying the sun or going outside in the green)
  • With our presence giving them a way to express and communicate their situation. They can talk about their life, their family their dreams their fear etc
  • Elders a facing a big step when it come to death, so with our practice of living in the moment we try to let give them a way to realise the divine nature of the moment and maybe give them a way to accept or live more peacefully what is to come.
  • By giving them this opportunity to see other taking care of them they can allow themselves to believe in a greater force.

The project is also oriented for the growth of the teacher that will take part in the activity.

  • Karma Yoga is a beautiful tool to learn to let go of the ego and to realise the importance of others
  • By interacting with the elders there is a ?great possibility to develop a sens of humility and of great compassion toward others.
  • The elders have a lot to teach still, consciously or not their action or words will deepened the understanding of the human nature in the? teachers and this have no money value.
  • By voluntarly taking time off their busy schedule the teacher can realise the important of the actions they have to perform during their short moment on earth.
  • There is many other reasons or factor why this activity will bring growth to the teacher but I think the each individuals will discover it t is own rhythm.

Kokoro Project has build a bank of 30 teachers, those theicher are either people who has done Zentra teacher course or student of Zentra who already have a teacher traing course done.The reason why we need to have a certain connection with Zentra Yoga Studio is because we want teachers who understand the human body as a multidimensional Self.

The teachers ready to give their time to this project are asked to do so for a period of minimum 6 month during this periode will ask the disponibility of at least once o month. If some people a ready to give once o week or more they will be more then welcome

We are thinking to ask a donation of 3000 per session ( one hour) to the organisation who take our service, their will also have case where no donation would be possible from the organisation.? Kokoro project is for all and will accept any demand. Maybe in the future will try to go and ask certain organisation to fund or project but this is but this will have to be discuss between the members.

Kokoro project want to start with elders, and will also try to further our project with other group like handicap, prisoners, orphans or any people in need.

Kokoro project will Also give special training to its member once every two months, also each session will be a time for the membres to meet and talk about the project its direction.

May this project live long,? Thank for everyone to take part in it.

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