living arts


This year 2006 I had in mind to start one of my secret Passion, one passion that i knew would trigger deep interest in me. But like any of those hidden passion you know you have to wait the proper time to act on it, you have to allow the universe to bring it to you in the right time. One afternoon after a yoga class in Shizuoka Noriko and I decide to look for a bonsai nursery or bonsai school in the area. Noriko looked in some directory and got a phone number, which we put on the car navigator and drove to the unknown place. And that was it; bonsai heaven, I never saw such a serine place such a beautiful bonsai garden, more the 100 trees, all with an amazing history and unique perfection. So I feel it is my duty to share with you my discovery and will use those pages as my own study field.

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