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The links on this page are all from friends and therefore recommended.


Bihar Yoga Bharati India :BYB or often call Bihar school of yoga is one of the best yoga institution in India, they had previously extensive program on yogic studies from 2 years to four months. Now a day the 4 months course is available. Many good reference book on yoga are available their and can be order by mail. Among them, asana, pranayama mudra and bandha, hatha yoga pradipika, moolha bandha and many more recommended books.

Yoga mag India :Yoga Magazine, published by Sivananda Math, contains information about the Bihar School of Yoga, the Yoga Research Foundation, Bihar Yoga Bharati (the world's first Yoga University) and other affiliated organizations.

Dr.Serena Roney Dougal England : Serena is Phd in parapsychology and has done extensive research on human psyche. she presently continue her wonderful work among the Tibetan monks in exile in India (requested by the Dalai Lama). She has been a very influential person into Mario’s path and he highly respects her for her teaching, her sincere friendship and her kindness to human being. Her books will definitely fascinate any open mind reader.

CapeTown yoga studio Souht Africa: Chaitanyananda or Sangeeta are the founder of the studio, they are among the nicest people i have met, if you pass near cap town(South Africa)have a chat with them.

Vipassana Meditation Around the world : Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are, is one of India's most ancient techniques of meditation. The technique teach by Goenka (10 days, 10 hours a day meditation retreat) is a very effective practice and worth to be experience by any one who has deep interest in meditation. (Goenka its founder, in my opinion is a bit close minded though when it come to other technique or practices)

Sivananda Yoga (Neyyar Dam ashram) India :This beautiful ashram in Kerala south India is a jewel when you think of yoga vacation, you will find peace, tranquility, complete satvic environement.


Jimmy Miyashita Japan : Jimmy is a Santoor master. With its melodious heavenly strings instruments he will make you feel the reality that heaven is on earth and nowhere else.

Gina Sala United States : The incanation of Love itself, Gina is a wonderful and talented artist who awaken the heart chakra on every being she has contact with! If you ever have a chance to make a workshop with Gina or just to experience her in concert, don't hesitate.

Koro Ito Japan : After spending much time with his master in the hight ground of the himalayas Koro and his wife Misato know how to guide your spirit in the hight realm of Brahman. Discover with them the yoga of Sound.

Uwe Newmann Canada : Uwe is an international musician base in Montreal, German from birth he became famous jazz player then continue his progression into music with Indian musical study in Varanasi India.

Callie Lipkin Usa : Callie is a photographer from Chicago, her way to understand the beauty of life is revealed into her work. Noriko has traveled with her in Morocco, her photographs capture the real essence of the moments and of the humanity.

Bryan Watt Thailand : I hope that these humanistic photographs will never be thought of as an end in themselves; but instead, a way of comprehending the human condition by conveying the sensitive expressions of those people who are in need. Bryan Watt 2003

Holico Studio Japan : You have a caractere you want to bring to life, just have a chat with Horikun, in the space of a pen move he will create it, but better get your Japanese up to date...

Nobuo_Sugimoto Japan : The magic of Indian classical music is brought back to life in Japan with this talented artist and his wife Sumita Shoko. They live in Shizuoka were they organise concert and tour in Japan. See info with Kamehachi.

Teiju Kato Japan : Travelling through the medium of sound, transforming the reality of the moment into a sacred realm, and sharing a moment of intensity through the melody of Indian Instrument are a few of the feature offered by Teiju and ihis group Mesos.


Cherie voyages India : Cherie is a Delhi base travel agent company who can provide any kind of service concerning travelling in India, from private customized tour to groups touring. The owner Isabelle and Tahir Khan are very nice, helpful and sincere person. In the sometimes-chaotic life of India they will be a important resources for you.

South Tours Thailand : South Tours provide excellent service to help you plan, experience and enjoy your stay in Thailand. Situated on Phuket Island Jean Beaudet and His wife prive service in Thai, French and English.

Akha Hill House Thailand : If you are looking for a unique experience in a typical hiil tribe village, where you can experience nature, quietness, comfort, great meals, water fall and trek then wou most stop there. Situated near Chang Rai Akha hill house is run by Apea a fantastic human being and his wife Amu the greatest cook around! Apea receive the award of the tour guide of the year in Thailand in 2005.


Parallele services Canada : Parallele service is a Montreal base translating company, they are young dynamic and very efficient. they translate from many languages to many.


Desir Japan : Desir is a nail salon where you will experience a very relax and reviving moment. The owner Mary cares very much for others, and her personality make the time at the salon a very enjoyable moment.

Nishikien.com Japan : One if the most distinctive tea in Shizuoka area found at Nishikien. his founder Ishibesan his probably the most knowledgeable tea connoisseur in the area. The time he spent to find the most refined tea is rapidly acknowledge when you try one of his insightful blend.