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India Tours

Every year Zentra Yoga Studio organise tour in India. The Mother land of Yoga has many facets and multitude of riches to be discover. Each tour is wonderful experience where your heart and intellectual boundary will be redefine and rescales.

Last year our group has visit the source of the Ganges River at Gangotri in the Himalaya, we also made and halt at Sivananda ashram in Uttharkashi for a few days and, we spend a few other day in Rishikesh Capital of Yoga. Delhi was our last stop before returning to Japan.

This Year our tour will be from December 16 to December 26 2007. Our plan is to go to Rajastan specially in the holy town of Pushkar for a few day Yoga practice at Shyam yogi Ashram. Shyam Yogi is one of Mario Teachers(Rajastan is colourful, desert like scenery with camel and palace), then move to Jaipur the city of jewel experience the life of a Maharaja in there Palace. Follow by a visit to Agra where we can see the Taj Mahal and the majestic Red Fort. We’ll then go to Rishikesh via Delhi to a yoga ashram where yoga and meditation will be on the menu. Then back to Delhi for a few surprise and lots of last minute shopping!