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Mario Sirard

Mario Sirard was born in Canada, Quebec in 1968. His childhood and teen years were pretty normal, from a western viewpoint. Introduced at a very young age to nature, travel and spirituality by his parents Mario always made those three poles the foundation of his further experiences.

At 16 he had to make a career choice. Due to his interest in traveling, he chose to become an airplane pilot. He was selected for a three-year pilot course at CQFA (centre Quebecois de formation aeronautique), which he completed successfully. After his training, he worked as professional pilot for two years. Flying airplanes was interesting, but was lacking in social interactions. He then decided to do a flight instructor's course, after which he worked as an instructor for one year. It was then that he realized how much he enjoyed social interaction and teaching. In 1991 went back to university to study Social Science, and worked as social worker with teenagers for two years.

Still unsatisfied he then decided to widen his spectrum of reality, and began traveling. His first destination was the Canadian west coast where he did his dive master licence. then travel throught America, Europe and South America. To pay for these experiences he worked as a waiter and manager in various restaurants.

Those trips made him realize how important was the knowledge of spirituality and religions to understand any culture and beings.

He then major in religiology(comparative religion) at University du Quebec a Montreal were he got very interested in eastern Philosophy specially Hinduism and Yoga.

He then decided to further his search in his new interest and flow to India to learn about its spiritual treasure. He spent 5 years in the last 10 in India, were he learn under many Swami(master) and pundit(scholars). He spent one year at the renowed Bihar Yoga Bharati (first world yoga university) were he graduate with a post graduate diploma in yogic studies and got diksha (initiation) by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati. He also got teacher training experience at Sivavnanda ashram in Neyar Dam in 1998 were he spent several months. Mario also got initiated to kriya yoga under Swami Shyam with whom he worked intensively for many months in 1999. He went many times in the Himalayas specially in Gangotri region where he shared experiences with different seekers and yogis.

Mario his now living in Japan since july 2005, he got married to Noriko Higashide in 2005 whom he met in 1998 in a trip to Laos. They run zentra yoga studio since septembre 2005 and teach yoga and meditation. While in japan Mario try to learn about Japanese culture and its spiritual legacy in various ways. In septembre 2007 Noriko gave birth to Ishan Higashide Sirard, a very wonderful soul!