(SO-HAM meditation)

Hridayakasha Dhyana(Heart space meditation)

Hridayakasha Dhyana, meditation on the heart space.

The heart space is consider by many has being the seat of the soul, you just have to look at some pictures of statue of Saints, Buddha, Gods and Goddesses and often you will see a radiating heart in their chest region. This Sun is our divine source of energy it is our connection to the Energy of the universe. We already know that every thing is made of energy, that energy can’t be destroyed or created. But we know that, energy can be transform and use, it can be redirect and focus. And the purpose of this meditation practice is to connect with this source of energy to connect with our divine nature and create an energy field overflowing Joy, Harmony, Happiness, Love and Peace. It is said to be the attribute of our Buddha nature or God nature.

This practice has a great influence on us but more then that it benefits our relatives, our neighbourhood, our country and the whole universe. I know for many this may seems a bit overwhelming but for many others it is a day-to-day reality and they continue their practices understanding that it give great  assistance to all sentient being.

Many research have been done on the effect of meditation. It has been proven that meditation practice influence positively the overall health of a person.But more then that, some research have proven that when a large group of meditation practitioner were active in a region the crime rate of this region was lowering.  For example you go to a city like Kyoto in Japan filled with temples and monks and then you go to another city having the same population you will notice the difference. It is palpable, it is in the air, people are more joyful and relax in Kyoto. So we can modify ourselves, we can influences others and then those others can influence others. Knowing this why shouldn’t we start our practice as soon as possible.

The Practice.
Stage one:
Sit comfortably, Took off your watch and glasses, turn the cell phone off. Make sure that nothing can disturb your practice. The hands are on your knees with hridaya Mudra see picture below. If you feel uncomfortable with this mudra just take Chin, Gyan or Bhairava mudra. Your spine is straight the shoulder slightly back and relax the head is straight and chin slightly in.

Stage two:
Before starting Hridayakash Dhyana do a short kaya sthairyam (body steadiness) practice, Be aware of your body posture, make sure your body is still, relax and grounded. Then move the awareness to the body sensations from toes to head. Make sure that you are now still, steady  and comfortable. Then move your awareness to the outside sounds, move from on sound to the other without trying to identify the sound but just observing the sound. Move from the furthest to the closest sound.

Stage three:
Then bring your attention to the breath. Feel your breath in and out of the nostrils, feel the cool air in and the warm air out. Stay focus on your breath for a while, you can even feel the hair of you nostrils moving with the breath. Then slowly increase the depth of you breath, it become deep and slow

Stage four:
Then bring your focus on your chest area, to the heart centre. Visualize a dark space having in its centre a tiny white crystal energy light. This light is your energy,. this light represent Joy, Harmony, Happiness, Love and Peace

With each breath in, this light is growing more and more, soon your whole chest area is filled with this light. You can feel Joy, Harmony, Happiness, Love and Peace growing in your chest. Continue to breath and soon your whole body is filled with this light, every cells of your body is radiating this light this feeling of Joy, Harmony, Happiness, Love and Peace. You can really feel it, it feel great.

Stage five:
Then think about your family members, your children, husband and wife, father, mother, sister, brother, their children. Either if the are Living on this earth or living somewhere else. Make bridge of light with them, send them the energy of Joy, Harmony, Happiness, Love and Peace. Visualize them feeling it completely the way you feel it. They become happy and joyful too.  Make bridge with everyone even if you have some differents with him or her. It doesn’t matter here. Their feeling will influence the others as well and it continue like this influencing positively each and every one.

Stage six:
Then come back to the studio or you home, then start sharing this light with the students and teachers, receive it too from the others. The whole studio or your room is  fill with light. This light is now growing outside in the neighbourhood, the city, and the country. Then the whole planet and the whole universe is fill with this light. You become light, you become the universe ,you become Joy, Harmony, Happiness, Love and Peace. Stay in this feeling and light for a while and enjoy.

Stage seven:
Then keeping this feeling alive inside yourself, focus again on the breath, again be aware of the breath in and out of the nostrils, then become aware of the outside sounds, then bring your awareness you body sitting in the studio or your room. Feel comfortable and at peace with yourself and surrounding. Keep the feeling of Joy, Harmony, Happiness, Love and Peace with you and spread it to everyone you’ll meet.

You end up the practice by chanting AUM three times, do palming one time and open your eyes slowly when you feel ready.