(SO-HAM meditation)

Kaya Sthairyam (body steadiness)

Kaya Sthairyam (body steadiness)

Preparation: body cloth comfy, no watch no belt  and take off glasses. Take a comfortable meditation posture, preferably siddhasana or padmasana use a cushion if you need. The Back is straight, the shoulder slightly back and relax, the chin is slightly in and your hands with choice of mudra. Eyes close and deep slow breath.

Body posture awareness: concentrate on your meditation posture, fell your spine rising from the bottom and giving support to the head, your arm are comfortable and steady.

Body grounded: Feel that your body is grounded on the floor, start feeling you right foot then left foot, then your right leg and left leg then the buttocks realise their steadiness and comfortableness.  Your body is now grounded, solid and steady.

Sensation of the body: Be aware of any sensations on your body, heat or cold, itchiness and or uncomfortable ness, any kind of sensation pleasant or not. Just observe be aware of them don’t react to them.

Scanning: Now you began to scan the body from toes to head, right foot and leg, left foot and leg. Buttocks and reproductive organs, right and left hand on the knee, right anf left arms, back of the body, front side of the body, right shoulder left shoulder neck back of the head and face and whole body. While scanning you feel and try to relax each part.

Steadiness and stillness: Make a resolve that you will stay still for all the practice, your body is perfectly steady, still and comfortable be aware of it. The body become so still that there is no more difference between your physical body and the ambient air in the room or the floor supporting it.

Breath awareness: Now that your are still and comfortable you bring you attention to the breath, you become aware of your natural breath rhythm, you become aware of the breath coming in and out of the nostrils. Feel the cool air in and the warm air out. You can even feel the hair of the nostrils moving with the breath and even feel the air around you nose and mouth moving from the breath movement.

Ending the practice: become aware of the physical body, sitting in the meditation posture on the floor at the studio. Feel its weight, feel your hands on the knees or the lap, take a few deep breath. Chant three time AUM then palming one time and slowly open your eyes.