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Kundalini is the name given to our latent inner potential, it is our dormant energy waiting to be awakened. It has been symbolize by a sleeping serpent, coiled tree and half times. The serpent, as a symbol, has been draw on by  many if not  all ancient mystic tradition and idolize by many civilisation. The serpent is the potential energy existing in the three realm of existence; the physical, the astral and causal. The half coiled representation is the transcendence of those three levels of reality.

Kundalini is the energy that will bring man to realize his potential, his Reel identity. It is the energy that lead the self to the higher Self, Atman to Brahman. In tantra it’s the Union of Shiva and Shakti the union of the male and female energy. We can symbolize it as the yin and yang..

Kundalini yoga is the path to awaken this energy. It is the step to realize our potential from the grossest to the subtlest. With the awakening of Kundalini, transformations take place in life, your mind change, your perceptions changes. Your being change physically and mentally.

The system of chakra is in a way the path taken by the force through its evolution, each chakra represent a level of awakening of the individual, each chakra is the energy on a different form. More the energy move up more it get subtler more refine and more complete.

In Kundalini yoga our first goal is to take consciousness of our condition, to try realising where we are in our development as well physicaly then mentaly. Then slowly we start working with the charkas, trying to situate it, and then stimulate it to finally awaken it.  Yogis through the ages have developed many methods. We will use some in this course.

Energy is already a subtle element and it s not an easy thing to identify. When we work on the physical level it is very easy to understand that if I do such exercise I will affect my body in such a way or if I eat certain food my body will react in a certain way. But when we start to work on the energy level our awareness need to be sharpen and our mind need to be ready. This is why it is very important to have done Hatha Yoga for at least one year with a proper teacher before undergo such a path.

Since Kundalini yoga work as well with physical and mental energy, it is necessary that your physical and mental condition are considered adequate before your undergo such a journey. A qualified teacher is absolutely necessary to lead your way through those new exercises, and to guide you and reassure you during the hardest times.








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